Whoever Says You Can’t Stay Fit While on Holiday Hasn’t Met Coconut Bay’s Vernon
by / Thursday, 15 September 2016 / Published in Activities, Blog, General

Vernon is a beloved fixture at Coconut Bay, offering an unforgettable touch of encouragement and charm to the resort’s fitness features. To know Vernon is to love him, as evidenced by the numerous comments of pleasure and praise that Coconut Bay receives from past guests. Fitness takes on a whole new face with Vernon, transforming from a mundane necessity to something you’ll really love to do.

What Our Guests Have to Say

Coconut Bay guests who get to know Vernon have overwhelmingly positive things to say, calling him “Inspirational, supportive, and encouraging,” “someone who really cares about every person he meets,” and “The man with endless energy.” His naturally positive demeanour gets guests going no matter what type of holiday they’re on, from laid-back honeymooners to tired parents. You don’t have to look hard to find happy students of Vernon’s who are willing to share their beloved experiences with him.

Where You’ll Find Him

Vernon is Coconut Bay’s resident fitness instructor. He leads a variety of classes, so you can find an opportunity to work with Vernon no matter what your skill level or personal fitness preference. His addictive energy offers a bright start to the day, making his morning yoga a particular favourite. He also leads water aerobics, which are a prime pick for any guests who need something that’s easy on their joints and forgiving of sore muscles.

If you’re looking for something more strenuous, you’ll probably find Vernon there, too. He’s a great aerobics instructor and offers outstanding volleyball lessons. Whether he’s offering poolside encouragement for students in the water, or showing off elegant yoga poses on the beach, Vernon always has a smile and words of friendly encouragement to offer his followers.

Fun and Fitness at Coconut Bay

Staying fit at Coconut Bay comes in many forms. The resort’s fitness activities include pool volleyball, yoga, Pilates, water polo, bocce ball, beach or lawn cricket, power walks, soccer, and even a reggae dance class. Though you can easily head to the fitness centre and get going on your own, Coconut Bay’s Vernon is always available for those days when you need a little extra push to get going.

While your Coconut Bay vacation is sure to involve plenty of relaxation and laid-back indulgences, there’s no reason you can’t include some excitement and exercise in your stay as well. With Vernon, all the work will feel like play, anyway.


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