The British Staycation: 3 Reasons It’s Interminably Dull
by / Monday, 30 November 2015 / Published in Blog, General

Staycations are an increasingly popular way to pad your budget while still pretending to take a refreshing holiday. While the premise is sound, and seemingly smart for your wallet, a staycation is highly overrated. Staying home may not be the best answer for your holiday needs.

Dull Weather Spoils the Fun

Britain’s generally dismal holiday weather often makes a mess of staycation plans. Travel agencies frequently lay in wait for late bookings from UK locals who have abandoned their plans to stay home. In 2011, agents saw a 30 to 40 per cent increase in last-minute bookings due to disappointing summer weather. A similar trend reigned in 2012, with a 20 per cent increase in holidays outside Europe.

Those planning a staycation are continually at the mercy of the unpredictable local weather. Meanwhile, a destination like St. Lucia offers consistently warm and favourable temperatures in any season.

There’s Little Sense of Escape

A part of the pleasure of taking a holiday is escaping the ordinary. If you stay near home, you will still face more of the same. Where’s the thrill in that? You want to get away from the typical and embrace the new and the exotic. If you choose a staycation based out of your own home, you will still be faced with all the mundane responsibilities and chores of everyday life. A vacation should be an escape.

If you venture to a more foreign locale, however, you’ll find a world of new people and experiences waiting for you. Stay in a luxury resort and you can indulge in a few days where someone else takes care of all the chores while you have all the fun.

Make it a True Vacation

Rather than staying in the country for your next holiday, why not explore your options in a more tropical locale like St. Lucia? The all-inclusive Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa and the island of St. Lucia itself offer more than enough for a true vacation.

At Coconut Bay, you get to enjoy more than 85 acres of sun, sea, sand and adventure. Whatever your fancy, be it Reggae dance classes, water sports, beach or lawn cricket, you’ll find many fun ways to keep busy. Our beautiful island offers breathtaking scenery that will leave you rejuvenated – mind, body, and spirit. Why settle for the usual when you can have the extraordinary? Plan a trip to Coconut Bay where gorgeous weather promises a delightful and refreshing escape. You are guaranteed anything but dull.


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