How to Save for a Fabulous Destination Wedding at Coconut Bay
by / Friday, 31 July 2015 / Published in Blog, Weddings

destination-weddingHave a Smashing Destination Wedding without Breaking the Bank or Getting Knackered.

There’s a popular misconception that elaborate, bespoke weddings are only for the rich and famous, but beachside vows and a three-course reception are more attainable than you think. A few brilliant saving strategies and the right destination mean you needn’t worry about a lifetime of debt while accruing unforgettable memories.

Set a Clear Budget

A solid idea of how much you’re spending will help you develop a workable savings plan for the next few months. Look for a wedding package that rolls many of your expenses into one for the simplest budgeting strategy. Coconut Bay Resort wedding packages have all the essentials including a bridal bouquet, wedding cake, cocktail reception, private dinner, and plenty of romantic extras for the honeymoon.

Develop a Savings Plan

With a clear budget in mind, you can divide your total expenses over the months leading to your wedding date. Give yourself a reasonable goal to hit weekly or monthly, and even a large sum becomes manageable.

Change Your Shopping Habits

You don’t have to participate in dodgy activities or put in long hours of overtime to add some extra money to your wallet. Switch to own-brand goods at the market for instant savings. Comparison shop at different greengrocer’s to find the best prices, and buy in bulk for things you eat often.

Restructure Your Leisure Time

Do you drive to work but hit the gym afterwards? Cancel your gym membership and put the money toward your wedding fund. Work on your beach body while saving on petrol by biking or walking to work. If the distance is unmanageable, combine walking with the tube and you’ll still save on auto expenses.

Keep Your Eye on the Goal

Don’t let temptation distract you from your dream wedding. Print a few favourite pictures of the stunning beach destination you’re saving for. Set them up in strategic places around the flat or office so you see them often. These visual reminders will help you stay on track and stick with your budget.

The Payoff: An All-Inclusive Wedding Package

The advantages of all these savings are clear. With our all-inclusive wedding package, you won’t have to spend a pound extra for food or activities for yourself or your guests.

Our specialist wedding planner takes the stress is off you and your significant other, and it ensures a custom. You can customize our all-inclusive wedding packages for the wedding of YOUR dreams. It’s a win-win proposition from the standpoint of savings and convenience.

Don’t let money matters cause you to lose the plot and get in the way of your wedding. You can enjoy an island holiday and beautiful ceremony all at once with a destination wedding package. Learn more about our premium all-inclusive wedding packages, and start planning all the details of your wedding today with the assistance of our specialist wedding planning team.


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