How to Holiday Like a Pro: Group Style
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Coconut Bay is an all-inclusive family friendly resort with something for every type of visitor. This is an ideal destination for group holidays where you need to cater to a diverse range of tastes and preferences. Plan like a pro with these tips for taking care of your group.

Get Your Rooms Together

It’s essential that you book together when you’re planning a group holiday. If you reserve your rooms separately, you’ll miss out on great discounts. Large groups get every 15th room free. If you book 20 rooms or more, you receive an upgrade to the Presidential or Governor’s suite, pending availability.

Contact Coconut Bay about your group holiday in advance so we can set aside a block of rooms for you. Don’t wait until the week or the day of your arrival to ask for rooms together. Plan ahead so we can make sure your group gets all the special perks and stellar treatment you deserve.

Book Tours for Everyone

You may spend most of your holiday scattered around the resort, but a few pre-planned tours will help you round everyone up for a joint experience. All of our tours have a minimum and maximum number of guests that we can accommodate. Reach out to our friendly staff and give us advance notice of your group size so we can work with you and arrange an unforgettable experience. Everyone will thank you!

St. Lucia is the only resort on the southwest side of the island, making us the closest option for travellers who want to see the Diamond Waterfalls, Torraille Waterfalls, and Soufriere Volcano. You can experience it all with a full-day excursion like the Soufriere Experience, or opt for a shorter adventure like five hours of whale and dolphin watching.

Arrange for Special Group Dining

Cap off your day with a memorable meal that can accommodate your whole group. With advance reservations, you can book a private dinner at La Luna or a beach bonfire just for your party. Whether you arrange your dinner for the first night of your stay as an exciting welcome experience, or you use it as a wrap-up party at the end, this is sure to be a memorable way to get everyone around the table at once.

With advance planning, you can make sure your party enjoys the very best of everything that Coconut Bay has to offer. Contact guest services now to start building your dream holiday in St. Lucia.


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