Kiddy Kocktails are the True Crowd Pleaser for Kids at Coconut Bay
by / Friday, 30 March 2018 / Published in Activities
Kiddy Kocktails

Coconut Bay is known for its plethora of adult-oriented bars and delicious top-shelf rum drinks, but did you know that the sippable delights extend to the younger crowd as well? Children can take part in the fun thanks to the playful Kiddy Kocktails menu available at the swim-up bar in the Splash pool. This way guests of all ages are included in the fun.

Lovable Cocktail Themes

The drinks on our Kiddy Kocktail menu feature lovable themes that bring to mind many kids’ favourite characters. Try the tangy Sponge Bob, orange and fizzy Nemo, banana-flavoured Power Puff, or cranberry orange Fairy Godmother. The strawberry lemonade here is known as Puss in Boots, and a frozen Coke is a Charlie Brown. These kid-friendly associations are the perfect way to add a touch of whimsy to the bar, so kids will feel right at home ordering up a special drink.

Delicious Flavours

The Kiddy Kocktails at Coconut Bay are designed with the discerning palates of children in mind. Just as our fine selection of rums and liquors will appeal to parents, so too will our sweet and fruity drinks delight our young visitors. Simple syrup is a favourite feature that you’ll find in beverages like the Loco, where it’s mixed in with orange and pineapple juice.

If your kids are in the mood for a sweet-as-desert drink, the King Louie is an unbeatable choice with chocolate, banana, and cream. Get a chilly twist on a classic with the Sweet Snow, otherwise known as frozen Sprite. If your kids are vying for a sip of your own preferred beverage, you can offer up a child-friendly alternative with options like the Christmas at CBay, which features Pina Colada.

Kid-Size Sips

Our Kiddy Kocktails are just the right size for our pint-sized guests. These child-friendly drinks will offer a chilled break from the sun and fun that’s just big enough to provide a satisfying sip without challenging younger guests with an oversized beverage. Sugary sweet, these drinks are just the right size for a special treat.

Readily available at the swim-up bar, our Kiddy Kocktails make sure no one is left out of the fun when it’s time to break for a beverage. Whether your children want a frothy frozen soda or a fruity juice-based drink, you’ll find this enchanting menu has just what your kids are after to quench their thirst and make their own toasts!

Family-Friendly Resort

Coconut Bay takes pride in being a family-friendly resort and it shows in all the details we offer to ensure your children have a vacation they will never forget and we can prove it! Our attention to detail like the Kiddy Kocktail menu is one of the many reasons why Coconut Bay won the Travel+Leisure award for the “Best All-Inclusive Family Resort.” Additional kid-friendly amenities include the award-winning Cocoland Kidz Klub, which is a key reason that Coconut Bay was voted the “Top 5 All-Inclusive Caribbean Resort with Kid’s Clubs” by USA Today and “5 Best Hotels for a Family Vacation in St. Lucia” by Fodor’s.

But here’s the best part about visiting Coconut Bay with kids — after a long flight, Coconut Bay is only a 5-minute transfer from the airport, so you don’t have to worry about a long car ride with the kids! Visit for more information about all the great kids’ activities at our premium all-inclusive resort.


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