Experience Jounen Kwéyòl (Creole Day) at Coconut Bay
by / Wednesday, 10 October 2018 / Published in Activities

Next to Saint Lucia’s jazz festival, Jounen Kwéyòl is the biggest annual celebration on the island. This cultural event celebrates the unique creole heritage on Saint Lucia. The festival takes place on the last Sunday of the month in October. Creole Day brings the island to life in a bold, vibrant way. If you’re interested in getting a rich taste of the distinctive Creole culture that’s evolved on this island, plan your next visit to Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa to coincide with Jounen Kwéyòl.

Get Decked Out in Madras

Madras fabric is typically brightly coloured with a bold pattern of checks or stripes. It was traditionally worn on feast days when African women could take a break from their work uniforms and wear something festive instead. A full madras costume includes a white blouse and long lace-trimmed skirt with a shorter overskirt on top. The overskirt features the eye-catching madras fabric.

Around Jounen Kwéyòl, you’ll find it nearly impossible to purchase madras pieces for yourself, because the enthusiastic locals often buy out the shops on the island in the frenzy to deck themselves out for the day.

Witness Traditional Crafts

Around the island, locals often demonstrate traditional crafts for Jounen Kwéyòl. You can see basket weaving, canoe building, and pottery making. Occasionally, you may find the opportunity to watch the traditional yet laborious wood-cutting process that was historically used to prepare planks for building homes. Cassava making is frequently exhibited during this festival as well, with the resulting product available for tasting.

Enjoy a Rich Taste of Creole Cuisine

If you’re interested in sampling time-honoured Creole cuisine, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to do so during Jounen Kwéyòl. During the festival, menus centre around local products. Our guests at Coconut Bay can sample provisions right from our own grounds, including yams, breadfruit, green bananas, and crayfish. Flavourings may range from French sauces to Indian curries to Caribbean jerk seasonings. This event is all about celebrating the unique blend that’s brought these influences together in our corner of the Caribbean.

If you want to add a rich cultural experience to your Saint Lucian holiday, plan your visit to coincide with Jounen Kwéyòl. This lively festival honours the French/African dialect and culture of the island. We host special events throughout the day that give our guests the opportunity to truly immerse themselves in the surrounding culture for a unique and memorable stay.


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