Groups, Meetings, and Event Space

Banquet Venues and Capacity Information

ROOM Dimensions Square Footage Max Capacity Daily Rental Fee
Coconut Bay Wedding Center 38 x 24 ft 912 60 US $250
Wedding Pavilion (gazebo) 25 x 25 ft 625 20 US $200
Wedding Patio & Lawn 30 x 60 ft 1800 100 (included with above)
Bougainvillea 64 x 26 ft 1722 150 US $350
Caribbean Verandah 75 x 15 ft 1125 100 (included with above)
Calabash Restaurant 55 x 30 ft 1650 150 US $500
Silk 53 x 30 ft 1590 100 US $500
Peter John’s Lounge 89 x 34 ft 3026 300 US $750
Calabash Verandah 96 x 9 ft 864 24 US $150
Eternity Beach Pavilion 44 x 42 ft 1848 60 US $250
La Luna 11 x 8 ft (per room) 528 8/room (48 total)  


Hollow Square

Appropriate for interactive discussions and note-taking sessions for fewer than 25 people.

E-Shape, U-Shape, T-Shape

Appropriate for groups of fewer than 40 people. This is best with the leader of discussion seated at the
head. Audiovisual is set up at the open area of seating.

Banquet Style

Generally used for large groups involving meal service and facilitates small group discussions.


Appropriate for large sessions and lectures which do not require note-taking. This set- up is particularly
useful for educational information and presentations.


Appropriate for medium to large lectures where extensive note taking is required. Tables provide
attendees with ample room for beverage and note taking.


Stand-up social function where beverages and light foods are served. Food is presented on small buffet
tables or served by wait staff. Stand up reception usually precedes seated meal service.

Event Extras

  • Floral Arrangements
  • Private Musicians (saxophonist, guitarist, steel drum single, steel drum band)
  • Private Photographer
  • Hourly DJ
  • Chair tie backs in colors to match event theme
  • Private consultation with Executive chef for menu planning
  • Equipment rental

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