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staff showcase



Experience plays a major part in her ability to handle pressure with ease. Justina works alone, feeds up to 70-100 guests: keeping all her orders going out on time ensuring that the guest are happy no matter what. Justina plays by the book and what I mean by that is that she does everything exactly how it supposed to be done no shortcuts, no delays. You can always find Justina teaching the staff how to do their work efficiently. Justina is a difference maker. You can tell when she is off everything is not flowing as it’s supposed to be because her drive and experience is very distingue. This individual is a real team player. Every day Justina ensures that she is twenty to thirty minutes early than her scheduled time. She works straight through not stopping or taking any break or even going for lunch if there is any work to be done. She is always willing to help whether it be training a new staff or attending to guest related issues pertaining to the kitchen. It does not matter the task she will get it done on time. Time is money and Justina hate wasting time so she helps out other when she is done with her tasks.

staff showcase



Mr. Busette always give his best and does more than what is expected of him to ensure all guest and staff are happy. He is very professional and dedicated with his service. Sylvanus has always been a good team player. He assist his team when they need help. He has a positive attitude and motivates his other team members.

staff showcase

Windell Nelson


Windell is a hard working young man, who is always on time and willing to assist in any task. Windell is always smiling and very jovial. There is no task too big or too small to please his guest or superiors. He’s available to work any day, and is always willing and able to assist in any way possible. He is a great team player and will not allow his team members to fall short. If his shift is over and the bar is under pressure he will stay back to ensure his team and department succeed. Windell takes pride in grooming himself to serve his guest when he works the wedding functions. He is a very polite young man who takes on any challenges. He comes in early to ensure his bar is set and ready to WOW his guest. Windell always has great new ideas to share. For example, after a function he would inform the staff of the amount of wines left and that we shouldn’t order for the next event. Great work from this team player!

staff showcase

Tasia Edmee


Tasia is a hardworking employee. She went beyond her on call of duty when the supervisor from her department was out in sick leave. She took the initiative to do the schedule and work the station alongside her colleague. She is an outstanding employee. Tasia took on the role as acting supervisor and took leadership for the department. Great Job Tasia!

staff showcase


Heather Jean was nominated for the month as she went over and beyond to ensure payroll was being done. Due to the power outage the payroll system went down and so Heather stayed late in the evening and did payroll manually to make sure no one was paid late. This shows true team spirit and commitment to the staff and loyalty to the company.

staff showcase


Shermina has always been a role model in this department. She is very hardworking and responsible and handles any task like a professional. Smiles even when she is not aware that she is smiling; overwhelming even her fellow workers. The food that she prepares, you can tell the amount of love and passion that went into producing it. She takes pride in preparing every wedding to perfection. Shermina always goes the extra mile to ensure that every couple’s day is special creating some delicious cuisines that will install the perfect wedding into an already perfect vacation. She fills in for her fellow team members completing any shift given to her. This is one of Ms. Williams’s greatest assets and definitely cannot stress on any further. She is always willing to help whether it be training new staff or attending to guest related issues pertaining to the kitchen. It does not matter the task she will get it done on time. Shermina is willing to teach and also willing to learn. She also does not waste any time and is always active and encourages others to do the same.

staff showcase


Terah is a remarkable employee who goes beyond the call of duty. She works well with minimum supervision and has excellent turn down service skills, always delivering her rooms on time. She guides her work colleagues and trains other team members, reflecting her respectable and disciplined work ethic. Terah is always willing to work overtime and on her days off to help assist the department in whatever way possible. She’s a true team player!

staff showcase


Ms. Hermina always performs above and beyond the call of duty. She is very creative and continuously comes up with new ideas to improve the quality of service at the Calabash Restaurant. Hermina exceeds guests’ expectations in order to make their stay memorable. She willingly provides additional support when someone is off and takes the lead in the operation of the restaurant. Hermina takes on the role of manager when she is absent, while simultaneously completing her tasks. Way to go!

staff showcase


Kendal always serves the guests with style. He never loses his creativity. Every day he encourages all his coworkers to improve on their performance and is very professional and dedicated to his job. His aim is to always exceed the guests’ expectations. Kenny is a star who achieves whatever tasks are assigned to him without a single complaint. He brings great energy and enthusiasm and doesn’t hesitate to share his ideas to better the department. We are honored to have him onboard!

staff showcase


Jazany has been very instrumental in the department’s guest engagement. She is constantly mentioned on Tripadvisor and by guests, staff and management. Jay J has taken the time to connect with all guests that she encounters, by remembering their names, and has made stellar strides in connecting with the children and teens on property. She is constantly smiling and engaging her guests and it has gone a long way in ensuring that satisfaction of both our young and the adult guest.

staff showcase


Ernest knows how to be creative in order to improve the service. He is extremely punctual and even comes in early when he has to work buffet nights. Ernest always has a welcoming smile, making our guest feel happy, welcomed and at home. He is diligent and works hard, making everyone’s job easier. Guests constantly rave about him and his hard work and never have any complaints. Ernest is a team player and is loved by everyone he encounters. Dedicated, driven, young man with a lot to offer. We are glad to have him as a part of the Coconut Bay family.

staff showcase


Jeanie can always be called upon to assist the department. She has made a number of suggestions to improve spa operations and efficiency. Jeanie is very welcoming to the guest, has had good guest relations skills and is often requested to do treatment on a returning guest. Jeanie is an asset to the team and greatly appreciated by all. It’s an honor to have Jeanie on our team of Superstars!

staff showcase

Arshan Descartes

Arshan goes over and beyond even if it means staying on extra time to ensure the job is done correctly. He contributes new ideas with regards to the improving of guest amenities, products, and efficiencies. He follows up even after hours and on days off. Arshan is a great team player who pays attention to details and to his guest’s needs. He creates bonds with both internal and external customers and is well liked and respected by his fellow team members.

staff showcase

Onita Charlery

Onita goes beyond the call of duty for all our clients daily. She manages her clients expectations and minimizes disappoints and opportunities for guests to complain. With limitations of resources available to her, Onita will report to work earlier than usual just so that her clients are dealt with in a timely manner. She is approachable at all times and displays a high level of respect to everyone she comes in contact with. Onita is a star!

staff showcase

Zuwena Joseph

Zuwena makes it her duty to help groom and mentor the Department’s interns providing them with knowledge and guidance, instilling confidence in them. She is frequently mentioned on Trip Advisor and has become quite popular with the guests, irrespective of their age or demographics. Zuwena provides encouragement and positive energy to her fellow team members and is always willing to learn. She follows up on directions and whatever situation that may arise. We are glad to have her on board the Coconut Bay team.

staff showcase


Housekeeping – Employee of the month: Front of the house.
Valencia is a remarkable employee, warm and welcoming, very talented, flexible and reliable. She delivers excellent customer service to guest and fellow team members. She always goes beyond the call of duty to ensure the guest rooms are clean and ready on time. Valencia is dedicated to her job and takes pride in doing a little extra to please her guests, such as the beautiful towel designs she creates to place on the beds. We are delighted to have her on board team Coconut Bay!

staff showcase

Yonley Barker

For the past few months, Yonley has to be the most prolific employee of the F&B Department, by going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure our valued customers get the best service. Recently, he was given the responsibility to ensure a group of 34 had the best vacation at our resort and he did just that. Every member of the group knew him by name (Yolo) and he too knew most of their names. Recently, our yearly wedding symposium was a great success partly because of Yolo’s hard work and dedication. During that time, Yolo worked diligently to ensure everything was superb, he even came to work as early as 4:30 in the morning though he left after midnight night before, just to ensure we were on time. He has shown the ability to perform at his best in all areas of the department’s wedding, special functions, all restaurants, private dinners, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Yolo has demonstrated his support to the department ever so often by always making his self available in tough situations. Yonley’s team spirit, enthusiasm, hard work and his jovial ability has certainly made him a valued team member; hence he is a regular nominee on TripAdvisor. Way to go Yonley!!

staff showcase


Jonelle is very dedicated to her job. She is very creative and shows it by ensuring that every La Luna dinner is a special occasion by decorating the tables and ensuring that everyone receives impeccable service. She even goes as far as reciting a poem for every table. Jonelle has shown the ability to succeed in all areas of the department; she is always willing to help the department in a crisis situation, even on her day off. Jonelle has great team spirit, enthusiasm and charisma. She is very courteous towards team members, management and guest. Hence she is regularly nominated on Trip Advisor for her excellent service. We are delighted to have Jonelle on our Team!

staff showcase

Natasha Joseph

Miss Joseph always goes above and beyond the call of duty every day to ensure service goes smoothly to maintain high service scores at Calabash, Silk or in any other department. Her commitment and support has proven to be outstanding. Miss Joseph is very courteous and has great team spirit. She is very well loved by team members, guests and her supervisors hence she is regularly mentioned on TripAdvisor and also nominated as our employee of the month. We are proud to have Natasha on Team Coconut Bay!

staff showcase

Eulia King

Eulia does a great job at the Kidz Klub. This is supported by the comments on Trip Advisor. She is very patient and thorough with her work. She has strong work ethic- comes to work early every day, stays late whenever needed, sets the example for the other employees on a consistent basis, is very professional and is very popular at the Kidz Klub with the parents and children. Eulia takes initiative and can be relied on to get the job done. She is an excellent team player who works hard every day and is confident in her skills. We are pleased to have Ms. King on our team!

staff showcase

Wade Joseph

Determined, ambitious and reliable are a few words that exhibits the characteristics displayed by Wade Joseph. Wade is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that his department achieves its goals. Wade’s passion for his job can simply be noticed by him staying back after his shift has ended to ensure that his department is running smoothly before he leaves and this is indeed commendable. This determined employee always tries his best to support his department in any way possible. Way to go Wade, you are truly an exceptional employee to Coconut Bay.
Keep up the great work!

staff showcase

Gina Peterson

Miss Gina Peterson has many admirable qualities- reliable, honest, kind hearted, ambitious and genuine to name a few. These qualities have all contributed to Miss Peterson providing such exceptionally great service to our guests- both internal and external. She is very consistent in her tasks and takes her work very seriously. Her ability to remember guest’s names is exceptional and is highly commendable. Miss Gina is always punctual and ensures that her duties are completed before leaving the hotel premises. This aspiring employee is very determined to succeed in all areas of the department as she is ever ready to assist the department in times of difficult situations. Gina is definitely a team player with Great Spirit and enthusiasm, and this is evident as her name is frequently mentioned on TripAdvisor. You go Gina! Continue the great work you have been doing at Coconut Bay and continue to always strive for excellence!

staff showcase


Ruddy displays exceptional responsibility and thoroughness in the execution of his duties. This was especially evident during the absence of the manager due to vacation. Ruddy went above and beyond in ensuring that the preparations for the Super Bowl went without a hitch. Entertainment Manager, Mr. Joseph Fontenelle was especially full of praise for Ruddy’s assistance in preparing for the Super Bowl. To quote Mr. Fontenelle, “Ruddy was a SUPERSTAR, everything was perfect!” This ambitious young man is a quiet, hard worker who never says no to any task assigned to him. Coconut Bay is indeed very proud to have him on our team!

staff showcase


Ambitious, outgoing, customer-service-oriented, and reliable are the words to describe this aspiring employee. Ericson is the proud recipient of these superlatives because of the diligence and passion that he constantly exhibits toward his job. In December, Ericson was asked to step up and fill in for the manager that was on leave. He did so exceptionally and executed the tasks very well. He constantly redefines himself to improve his role. Ericson’s warm personality makes an impact on the guests, as evidenced by the many glowing TripAdvisor reviews that mention him.

Ericson assists the Front Office Department when needed and will never say “no” to any department that requires an extra hand. He shares his views on ways to improve the department’s operations – in particular, he helped overhaul the procedures for the concierge phones, allowing the department better organize and track the devices. Well done, Ericson! You are a true asset to Coconut Bay!

Dahlia Leonce-Bartender

We are pleased to announce Dahlia Leonce as our newest employee of the month. Dahlia, one of our outstanding bartenders, is the recipient of this title because of her commitment to Coconut Bay and the passion that she constantly exhibits towards her job. No job is ever too big or too small for Dahlia. You can always depend on her to go the extra mile, whether it be mentoring a new employee or working overtime when an employee is ill. She is a leader and a true team player.

Dahlia’s leadership skills were made even more apparent when she was assigned to mentor several interns Coconut Bay accommodated during the month of August. It was an opportunity for her to really prove herself and that she certainly did. The interns raved about her level of professionalism, how knowledgeable she was in her field and how patient she was with them. Dahlia’s infectious smile and positive demeanor continue to warm the hearts of her peers and many guests, making their stay at Coconut Bay even more memorable. We are definitely honored to have Ms. Dahlia Leonce as part of our team. She is indeed a true asset to the company!

Taking on the World

Leona Constable is kind of like a Coconut Bay superhero. By day, she works as our Boutique Manager and runs the CBay Resort Shop with all the Lucian charm and hospitality you would expect from a Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa employee. In her spare time, Leona has her sights set on big goals – and she has found a lot of success as she marches toward her dreams with determination.

The Vieux Fort, St. Lucia native loves her community and has always exemplified leadership, excellence, kindness and a desire to volunteer for the betterment of her Caribbean hometown. Leona has such passion that she was chosen to represent the Caribbean in this year’s World Miss Tourism Pageant in Nashville, Tenn. (USA), and she came home a winner.

Leona not only received third place in the pageant, she won the opportunity to realize her personal goals and assist less fortunate women and children in St. Lucia.

Mirroring Coconut Bay Excellence

Needless to say, the CBay family is elated about Leona’s international accomplishment. Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa SEO Mark Adams said, “We share with Leona this accolade, it is truly symbolic of the excellence which we constantly cultivate and maintain at Coconut Bay. Her success on the world stage epitomizes our relentless quest for the attainment of product excellence consistent with international industry standards.”

About the World Miss Tourism Pageant

The World Miss Tourism pageant was founded in 1998. It began as an online-only competition, but has quickly grown into a well-established, live competitive event. The pageant aims to support young women and encourage them to become future leaders. Selected contestants serve as local role models for their peers, regularly demonstrate leadership characteristics and are active in their community.

Leona was the first contestant from the Caribbean ever to compete in the World Miss Tourism pageant. She hopes it will benefit St. Lucia by showcasing the island as an ideal Caribbean destination.

About Lennita

Lennita grew up in a tight-knit family where schooling was of utmost importance. Mr. and Mrs. Constable taught Lennita, her two older sisters and her younger brother that a good education is the key to unlocking life’s doors to opportunity and rich experiences. Thanks to her family’s support and her self-motivation, Lennita graduated from Vieux Fort Comprehensive Secondary School and became part of Coconut Bay’s staff shortly thereafter.

Contributing to Coconut Bay’s Culture

Coconut Bay is a casually Caribbean escape resting on the southern coast of St. Lucia. In so many ways it is two worlds in one – an oasis for adults and play place for families, a spa experience and an adventure hub – and Lennita fits right in. Lennita started as a boutique attendant, but was quickly moved to the Front Office Department so her excitement and kindness could rub off on guests and coworkers alike. Her persona and demeanor are representative of every stay at Coconut Bay – laid back, great service with Caribbean charm.

Lucian Life

Lennita’s first love is adventure, and in St. Lucia she gets as much of it as she wants. Her hobbies include zip lining, hiking and climbing up and down the island’s beautiful landscape. She frequents the Pitons often for a full day of outdoor activity. At only 5’ 1”, Lennita proves that nothing is impossible with a little determination. It’s no shock that one of her favorite quotes comes from Napoleon Bonaparte, “If you want something done right, do it yourself.”

Another passion of Lennita’s is animals. She hopes to one day build an animal shelter and tend to the stray population in St. Lucia. Lennita is actively pursuing a career in hotel management and aspires to be a general manager for a world-class Caribbean resort.


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